Long service award policy



The purpose of this policy is to recognise and demonstrate the appreciation of loyalty and commitment of long serving employees and to define the categories of long service awards. This policy applies to all employees who have completed 5; 10; 15; 20 and 25 years continuous paid service.

1      Procedure

In recognition of long service the Company will present its employees with an award at the end of the month in which their long service anniversary date falls.  The Group Manager and Directors of the company will sign a congratulatory card and this will be presented to the employee on the date of the anniversary. Long service is recognised at 5 year intervals.

2      Responsibility and Procedure

Human Resources will provide management with a list of long serving employees prior to their anniversary date with the Company. Human Resources will provide a card for the Group Manager and Directors for signatures. The employee will be entitled to the long service award as listed below and Human Resources will assist with the arranging of the award.

3      Long Service Award Categories


Years Service


Long Service Leave

5 Years

Congratulatory Card

2 additional working days annual leave per annum

10 Years

A gift to the value of R2500 and a card

2 calendar weeks block leave

15 Years

A gift to the value of R3000 and a card

2 calendar weeks block leave

20 Years

A gift to the value of R4500 and a card

3 calendar weeks block leave

25 Years

A gift to the value of R5000 and a card

3 calendar weeks block leave



4      Long Service Benefit Tax

Where a gift is presented to an employee for 15 years long service, subject to legislation and any SARS ruling applicable at the time, the gift may be non-taxable and may be selected by the employee up to the value indicated. Gifts and or cash presented to employees for 10 years service are fully taxable. All cash payments must be made through the payroll so that the employees tax certificate (IRP5) reflects this benefit.

5      Long Service Leave Procedure

An employee, who is eligible for long service leave will be required to take this leave as block leave within 12 months from the anniversary date unless otherwise agreed in writing with management. There will be no financial compensation for block leave not taken.

If no written agreement is in place, the leave will lapse at the end of the 12 month anniversary cycle.

An employee will be granted long service leave at the time of their choosing provided that they have given one month’s written notice to their immediate Manager and Human Resources.




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