HR Network Breakfast - Cape Town - Thursday, 24th October 2019

Topic:  Understanding the Legal Framework of the POPI Act for HR professionals
Speaker: Ali Ncume, Director of Ncume Labour Consulting
Cost: R250
Venue: The Club House Restaurant (Cricket Club), Constantia Sports Comples, Main Road Constantia.

The POPI Act prescribes conditions on how organisation and/or individuals can lawfully process personal information. Despite the enactment and the implementation of POPIA, organisations and/or individuals are still processing personal information contrary to conditions prescribed in the Act. The purpose of this session will enable the participants to briefly understand the legal framework of POPIA, mainly:

- What is the purpose of POPIA?
- Who does POPIA apply to?
- What is "Personal Information"?
- How do you process "Personal Information" lawfully?
- What are the consequences of failing to comply with POPIA?

Ali Ncume is a Managing Director and an admitted attorney at Ncume Labour Consulting. He completed his LLB at Nelson Mandela University (“NMU”) and served his articles at Greyvensteins Incorporated (“Greyvensteins”) in Port Elizabeth.  It is here that he gained invaluable experience in civil litigation and developed a consuming passion for all facets of employment law. Whilst pursuing his Masters Degree in Labour Law, Mr Ncume involved himself in all aspects of labour litigation, consultation and training. Mr Ncume is now in possession of his Masters Degree in Labour Law and has completed the relevant Programme in Labour Law Practice, a course outsourced to the NMU by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (“CCMA”). In addition to his role as a Managing Director, Mr Ncume is a lecturer in the Department of Mercantile Law at NMU.  He is also a part-time Commissioner at the CCMA and Education Labour Relations Council (“ELRC”), and an associate of the NMU Labour and Social Security Law Unit ("LSSLU").