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Contact Person: Susan Fourie
Phone: 0827755256
City: Hartbeespoort
Province: Gauteng
Human Capital Talent specializes in talent development. We have a strong focus on Psychometric Assessments to objectively identify potential pitfalls that can cause employees not to perform optimally at work. We provide you with an unbiased and objective selection of assessments and instruments that are well suited to the South African market. Human Capital Talent offers a vast array of online psychometric tests which can be completed online for selection- or development purposes. We do thorough research to ensure that we present you with the best quality and value.Different assessments are available: Ability-,personality-,interest-, development and emotional assessments and social capabilities. Specific testing for employ-ability, employee dependability and integrity. We offer Leadership Competency assessments, as well a conflict management and team building workshops. Other services: Employee counselling, selection of high potential candidates, Leadership,coaching & development.

Full Company Profile:

Susan Fourie is the Director of Human Capital Talent. She is a registered Industrial Psychologist and a registered Social Worker.  Her interpersonal, communication and training abilities are evident in the positions she has held across various different industries. This has afforded her the opportunity to interact with a broad section of executive management, employees, clients and students. 

She has a sound knowledge of Human Resources Management practices, Counselling practices, Life- and Soft Skills program development, Trauma counselling, and Managing Conflict in the workplace. She has been responsible for the delivery of psychometric testing, recruitment and selection services, competency assessments, training and development and employee counselling for more than twenty years. Human Capital Talent deliver services with the support of registered Psychometrists and Industrial Psychologists that are contracted on a national basis. 

Please contact Human Capital Talent for : Pre-screening, personality assessments, self-development assessments, managerial competencies, aptitude assessments, career counselling, Integrity- and Work Safety, 360 degree feedback,culture surveys, and conflict management.

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