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ZAQfin provides Financial Wellness training for company employees. It is our mission to improve the financial wellness of salaried South Africans. The ZAQfin online tool quantifies an employee's financial wellness. This allows us to calculate scores, track progress and draw comparisons. The financial wellness score components are: Personal and family circumstances, debt, insurance, savings and financial discipline. We also provide free wills and credit checks.

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It is our mission to improve the financial wellness of salaried South Africans. We partner with employers and financial advisors and make use of proprietary software to solve the financial distress that millions of South Africans find themselves in. The ZAQfin financial wellness tool has been developed with the help of actuaries, chartered accountants, financial advisors and engineers. ZAQfin uses an actuarial algorithm that calculates and tracks financial wellness, thereby helping employees and employers to understand, improve and manage their personal financial situations.

ZAQfin does not offer specialised financial advice to employees but we understand that some employees will require financial advice and potentially also financial products. ZAQfin does not provide any financial products and does not receive any fees by referring employees to financial advisors. This ensures that we remain independent and act in the best interest of the employee to ensure that he/she receives fit for purpose advice and products. In order to ensure the independence and high quality of the financial advice that employees will access, ZAQfin has partnered with Succession Financial Planning, an independent financial advice company with over 400 advisors countrywide. After each consultation session the employees will rate the service received from the advisor, similar to Airbnb and other internet services, which will enable transparency and ensure that the best advisors rise to the top.


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