Facilities Management

City: Milnerton
Province: Western Cape
Short Description: Our Academy is one of the leading FM training providers in the FM and built sector, having been established for over 13 years.
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Short Description: GTD® stands for Getting Things Done® and is David Allen’s world leading methodology for increased professional productivity, workflow management and sustainable stress reduction. The three-day intensive and practical workshop installs a comprehensive set of skills and tools to enable deadline achievement and strategic role focus. GTD® is a proven methodology in high delivery environments to pre-empt balls being dropped due to lack of clarity, crisp accountability, low employee engagement or work overwhelm. Day One is a seminar designed to teach the Five Steps of Workflow Management. Day Two is a hands-on Installation Lab were participants are guided in a step by step process to install their own customized GTD® system, email and calendar management. Day Three is an on-line guided Implementation Day. This a full workday back at your workstation, cleared of all meetings and distractions to enable you to slice through your workload and fully populate your new system.