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Contact Person: Claudia Brandt
Phone: +27 84 026 3424
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Stronger People Stronger Teams. At Brandt Coaching we coach individuals and teams to meet their challenges with ease. We specialise in resolving negative dynamics, improving soft skills and building solutions instead of analysing problems. We build the strong people and cohesive teams that can do the work. Because only strong people and strong teams can become leaders and be truly productive, creative and flexible achievers. Only strong people and strong teams can excel – and bring fun, flow and ease back into work.

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At Brandt Coaching we build stronger management teams and leaders through coaching. We improve productivity, engagement, creativity, flexibility, confidence and work satisfaction. We strengthen the person and the team underneath their functions.

We achieve this in three ways:

1.We focus time and energy on finding solutions instead of analysing problems and finding fault. We uncover resources already present in our client and we build on what works already. We do this through our Solution Focussed Approach, our cutting-edge tool of choice. Coaching with the Solution Focussed Approach is the art of unleashing resources and making them productive.

2.We improve communication and leadership skills through personality-abc, a soft skills assessment and soft skills training tool. Personality-abc is intuitively understood and easily learned. It eases us into positive self-awareness and improves our understanding of others so that we can motivate, convince and connect instead of being misunderstood and frustrated. Personality-abc is a scientific tool that is very practical and affordable.

3.We remove underlying negative dynamics. These show through cliques, conflict, emotional outbursts, excessive politics, passivity and negative body language. We do this through constellation work which makes relationship dynamics visible and then enables us to gently change them into healthy, robust relationships. Work becomes focussed and leadership effective.

All our interventions are designed to minimise time away from work, to be sustainable and to yield immediate but long-term results. A typical intervention package for a team consists of a 1 day workshop, 6 monthly 2-hour SolutionCircles and individual development through coaching. In individual coaching the goals are reached in general in 6 or a maximum of 12 sessions.

Our services especially assist middle management to thrive and excel. Brandt Coaching can help when you have good people who are well equipped for their tasks but who are at the verge of overwhelm a lot of the time and need to expand their leadership skills in order to deal with the pressure of middle management.

We coach new leaders on all levels to fully engage with their new tasks. Our coaching is accelerated through the soft skills tool personality-abc.

We offer team building, team optimisation, team coaching for middle management teams, EQ workshops, leadership training, time and stress management workshops, executive coaching, leadership coaching, business coaching, confidence coaching

Claudia introduced us to personality-abc and solution focussed work. After working with her for three weeks we have already seen amazing and immediate changes. Our middle management team has become more relaxed and effective. We have less friction, the roles are clearer and work is starting to be more fun again!
Sebastian, Managing Director, Pixelfaerie

I just want to thank you again, I found our coaching session so helpful and as I told you this whole experience has been life changing for me. The personality-abc is not just another workshop. It has made a real difference to our team and we use it every day. Anyone who comes into management should know it.
Daleen, Team Leader at Lufthansa GLC, Cape Town

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