Soft Skills Training

City: Durban
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Short Description: We are a well-established, accredited & national group of companies. Our Umhlanga-based Team implement programmes throughout KZN. OUR VISION To create leadership chains that have the strength to transform organisations and society. DYNA Develop Your Natural Abilities
City: National
Province: National
Short Description: We are a focused culture consulting & training company that partners with you to build an intentional culture, aligned to your long-term strategic vision. Our 3 step journey empowers our customers to: 1 – Identify & engineer a strategic company culture. 2 – Achieve sincere leadership buy-in, forging custodians of the culture. 3 – Inspire employees to live the culture & achieve greater engagement & productivity in their work, through values alignment.
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Short Description: GTD® stands for Getting Things Done® and is David Allen’s world leading methodology for increased professional productivity, workflow management and sustainable stress reduction. The three-day intensive and practical workshop installs a comprehensive set of skills and tools to enable deadline achievement and strategic role focus. GTD® is a proven methodology in high delivery environments to pre-empt balls being dropped due to lack of clarity, crisp accountability, low employee engagement or work overwhelm. Day One is a seminar designed to teach the Five Steps of Workflow Management. Day Two is a hands-on Installation Lab were participants are guided in a step by step process to install their own customized GTD® system, email and calendar management. Day Three is an on-line guided Implementation Day. This a full workday back at your workstation, cleared of all meetings and distractions to enable you to slice through your workload and fully populate your new system.
City: Cape Town - Johannesburg
Province: National
Short Description: Language Boss is a small, private company that specialises in the provision of communication-skills training. Specifically, we focus on teaching people to write and speak better in the workplace.
City: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: LifeLine Johannesburg provides professional soft skills/ EQ training, consultancy services as well as specialized counselling/employee wellness days to the Corporate Sector. Our aim is to promote and become proactive in emotional intelligence through educating employees alike in organisations, teams, as well as the individual to enhance performance through greater self-awareness, personal growth, development and skills that empower the individual to take full responsibility for his/her behavior and actions.
City: Pretoria
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: We make a difference by changing hearts and minds for success through education and empowerment.