Assessment Centres

City: Hartbeespoort
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: Human Capital Talent specializes in talent development. We have a strong focus on Psychometric Assessments to objectively identify potential pitfalls that can cause employees not to perform optimally at work. We provide you with an unbiased and objective selection of assessments and instruments that are well suited to the South African market. Human Capital Talent offers a vast array of online psychometric tests which can be completed online for selection- or development purposes. We do thorough research to ensure that we present you with the best quality and value.Different assessments are available: Ability-,personality-,interest-, development and emotional assessments and social capabilities. Specific testing for employ-ability, employee dependability and integrity. We offer Leadership Competency assessments, as well a conflict management and team building workshops. Other services: Employee counselling, selection of high potential candidates, Leadership,coaching & development.
City: National
Province: National
Short Description: The Assessment Toolbox is a niche consultancy focusing on psychometric assessments and organisational development work. We believe in developing solutions that meet the needs of our clients and we develop close partnerships. Our clients always comment on our quick turnaround times and how responsive we are to their needs. Our reports are normally ready within 3 days of having conducted the assessment. We work across industries – our clients include multi-nationals and small privately owned firms. We are highly flexible in our approach – assessments can range from using one instrument to full one-day assessment centres. Our approach is always guided by the real needs of the client and to ensure that we assess the critical competencies required in the role.
City: Western Cape and National
Province: National
Short Description: ‘Who is the best person for the job’? ‘Who are the best managers and leaders in our company’? ‘How do we develop our employees to the best of their abilities’? These are the typical problems that Competence SA addresses, whether dealing with large, blue chip companies or smaller, growing businesses across all industries. As such, our primary focus is on the identification and development of human capital by making use of psychometric assessment and competency-based coaching.