BeWorkHappy Jobmatch Centre has officially opened its doors with Symbiosis in Atlantis, Cape Town, South Africa as its local implementation partner.  The Jobmatch Centre is a powered by the BeWorkHappy Global Artificial Intelligent Matching Software which allows jobseekers to find jobs faster and recruiters to discover talents faster, and more accurately.   

Artificial Intelligence in the form of a unique intelligent human resource solution, called BeWorkHappy, is being adopted and applied to improve the South African job market, and to facilitate more successful matches between those providing employment and those seeking to be successfully placed.  

It is already commonly accepted knowledge that within the human resources industry, Artificial Intelligence has “disrupted HR and enhanced the way HR professionals get things done”.  “The biggest driver of Artificial Intelligence’s impact on the HR industry is the massive growth of big data.  Until now, we haven’t had access to simple software systems to track and analyse recruitment data such as hiring trends, job matching, and the like”, said Emily Vollmer, President of IBA Global and BeWorkHappy Africa. 

“The new Artificial Intelligence systems of BeWorkHappy is impacting the HR and recruitment profession quite significantly, and we expect to see it making a meaningful impact in the industry.  BeWorkHappy is unique”, she says. 

BeWorkHappy is built on an innovative and unique natural language understanding (NLU) platform;  

a state-of-the-art technology that allows databases to be searched through natural language queries, and all of this is language independent, i.e. cross-language.

Making recruiting ‘human’ again

“Tens of thousands of recruiters worldwide miss out on great hires because they’re overwhelmed with manual tasks that could easily be automated through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like ours,” explained Emiley Vollmer, President of IBA Global and BeWorkHappy Africa.

“With our state of the art technology, we allow greater optimising performance through machine learning, and we remove those burdens from recruiters, who can then spend more time actually interacting with candidates and colleagues to make better decisions. What we’re really doing is making recruiting simpler and more ‘human’ again.”

BeWorkHappy Technology

BeWorkHappy can achieve monumental efficiencies since it is a specifically-developed solution for the HR/recruitment industry, based on an Artificial Intelligence system enabling machines to understand text and natural language.  The meaning our outcome comes as a result of analysing text linguistically, mapping words and expressions onto a ConceptNet, and using powerful semantic pattern recognition to combine these concepts into meaningful entities.  Machine learning is applied to build these ConceptNets (semantic brains) automatically and API's are in place to scale natural language understanding products rapidly.

This allows professional recruiters and HR Technology vendors (Applicant Tracking Systems, Talent Management, Human Capital Management) to ‘read and understand’ bulk volumes of CVs and job openings and automatically finds a match. This improves the time-to-hire with 80% and dramatically changes the user experience in the recruitment space.

About the BeWorkHappy Job Centre

The BeWorkHappy Jobmatch Centre is a disruptor, a game changer.  The concept brings together new Artificial Intelligence technology and a new take on the job market.  Until now there have been few channels available to recruiters to find staff, whether for a permanent post in an organisation, a builder to extend your home, or a carer to nurture your children or provide care and companionship to infirm parents.  We relied on word of mouth from employees, friends or family, expensive recruitment companies, or exploitative labour brokers. Through our technology we are now able to match the best of mass marketing with the best of boutique sales to enable any prospective employer to access a large pool of employees, and, almost instantly, find a bespoke match.