The 2016 Business Analysis Summit Southern Africa, taking place from the 12th to the 14th of September in Johannesburg, is again bringing issues, topics and discussions relevant to the Business Analysis profession to the fore. This year’s theme of “Business Analysis Rising” will ensure that delegates are kept abreast of the ever changing environment of business analysis and many of its’ challenges.

The summit, hosted by the SA chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), outlines

demand for the business analysis skill set that is at an all-time high, and   growing at a rate far beyond anything ever dreamed of.

Keynote speaker Alex Noel will address the rising need for ‘bullet proof’ business analysts as key contributors to adaptability within organisations dealing with constant change. She says “Bullet proof” BA’s will need to prepare for what comes next, understanding where they fit in, and what to do to equip themselves for success in an ever-changing reality by upgrading their ‘BA DNA’ to enable them to be at the top of their game.

“Alex is held in high regard as an industry expert and figure head in change management by her business associates”, says Stephen Endersby,Corporate General Manager of industry leader and gold sponsor of the conference, Faculty Training Institute. “As a facilitator, principal lecturer, mentor and tutor of 10 years at FTI, Alex’s training philosophy closely mirrors that of FTI as we embrace change for excellence and uncompromised quality.” Alex also works as a consulting business analyst across multiple industry sectors and on business improvement projects of any nature. In her role as a business improvement architect, Alex strives to add positive, measurable value to companies by accurately identifying business needs and designing solutions to solve business problems.

Asked about the focus of her keynote delivery, Alex who needs little introduction on this platform, says: “I have a passion for the positive and measurable differences that are evident when organisations invest in using skilled business analysts and the work is performed well. ‘We mostly know what needs to be done, we talk about getting it done, but only actually getting it done is good enough”. As a result, the main reason that knowledge workers are invaluable to organisations, she says is that there is simply no substitute for evidence. 

“Organisations in desperate need for improvement, and who are prepared to embrace change for the right reasons, can achieve visible and quantifiable solutions through the proficient analysis of data, skilled interpretation, and quality reports for maximum impact.  This emphasises the value of BA’s who are part of the knowledge worker group.

One of the many benefits of gaining an FTI business analysis qualification both for students and organisations, is that participants are taught how to achieve and facilitate the necessary mind shift required. This enables significant change to take place within a company with the minimum amount of negative impact and maximum amount of value being derived. 

Says Alex: “The value of the applied learning architecture of FTI’s programmes is that delegates take away useful ideas, constructs and techniques that can be applied right away to add value to their work, and by association, their organisations.”

Another benefit derived from the various courses is that well trained knowledge workers are empowered to facilitate the transition processes which moves beyond theory and directly to evidence based solutions. Faculty Training’s flagship qualification, the seven month part time Advanced Business Analysis Programme (also conferring the National Certificate in Business Analysis) is well placed to upgrade your ‘BA DNA’ and enable you to be at the top of your game

The target audience for BASSA 2016 comprises both the professional business analyst and the leading organisations that employ them.  For further information on BASSA2016, the 5th annual conference run by the South African Chapter or the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA), please see here

The keynote address by Alex Noel will look at how future success will be defined by individuals and organisations that not only learn how to cope, but to excel, while everything is changing around them. In this address, Alex asks you to recognise the importance of the role of business analysis in helping organisations go beyond coping and get to excellence.

Alex’s positive yet firm approach to organisational change sums up the overall need for industry to adapt: "The greatest overarching challenge organisations face today is to be able to quickly respond to change."

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