Pretoria – A newly created Employment Equity Template is set to make reporting by employers to the Department of Labour easier.

Hundreds of employers in the Free State were encouraged by department officials to take advantage of the template at a road show in Bloemfontein.

Assistant Director in the Employment Equity Directorate, Themba Nkosi, said for employers to report adequately, they must take full advantage of an employment equity forum that includes workers inputs and an Employment Equity plan.

Nkosi said the objective of the employment equity regulated templates are to provide assistance on how to conduct an EE analysis as well as provide guidance on how to develop an Employment Equity plan.

He said employers must consult parties about conducting the analysis as per section 19 of the Act.

Nkosi said a designated employer must

prepare and implement an Employment Equity Plan which will archive a reasonable progress towards Employment Equity in the employer’s workforce.

He said the Director General may apply to the Labour Court to impose a fine if a designated employer fails to prepare or implement an Employment Equity Plan.

He said the Employment Equity plan must state objectives to be archived for each of the plan, barriers and affirmative action measures, workforce profile, numerical goals and target, the duration of the plan, procedures to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan as well as internal procedures to resolve any dispute.

The road shows continue in Durban’s Nkosi Albert Luthuli’s ICC Complex today. –