Faculty Training Institute (FTI) is offering a challenging, but entertaining course this April that will awaken participants’ thinking skills and enable them to maximise organisational problem-solving and expand their cognitive horizons.

The course called Analytical Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving revisits many of the thinking skills that lie dormant in the average person.  “Thinking is a key skill-set in the Knowledge Age where there is an ever-increasing need to solve problems in constructive and innovative ways”, says Simon Hill, FTI’s Business Analysis Programme Manager and Lecturer.

The modern knowledge worker role is one that requires individuals to exhibit quality thinking as part of their core activity set. This makes a significant contribution to the delivery of better quality results”, says Hill.

The 2 day intensive short course

explores various kinds of individual and group problem-solving approaches and shows how the wrong approach merely perpetuates problems rather than solving them. Participants will understand the importance of fact finding and analysis in problem-solving, explore various thinking models and on a practical level they will practise exercises to help in think “outside-the-box” to generate a larger solution space.

The course helps individuals to appreciate the value of creativity and identify  blocks to this creativity and is ideal for any person involved in making decisions, facilitating group discussions, solving problems, managing or leading teams or is responsible for developing ideas and solutions.

Faculty Training Institute has a 24 year track record of providing training excellence and skills development to a professional knowledge based society. This community comprises not only professional individuals within the IT industry but also professional individuals from industries and knowledge domains where high order thinking and the ability to innovate and solve problems is prized.

The FTI Analytical and Creative Problem-Solving course runs from 4 April 2013 in Johannesburg and 29 April in Cape Town. Contact Kirsty in Johannesburg on 011 8079478 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Elector in Cape Town on 021 6834506 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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