Writing job descriptions
Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Project Management
Delivering Effective Business Presentations
Managing Disciplinary Enquiries
3 Day Leadership +
Professional Telephone Skills and Etiquette
3 Day Leadership
Human Resources Laws Update Conference 2019
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Submitting Winning Tenders
Absenteeism Management
Business Etiquette
Junior Leadership Workshop
Basic Project Management
Time and Pressure Management
Project Management
Skills Development Master Boot-Camp 2019
Effectively Assertive
Coaching and Mentoring
Employment Equity Committee Development 2019
Diversity Awareness
Risk Management
Training & Technology: Can it be effective?
Employment Equity
Second Annual Graduate Employability Conference 2019
Customer Care Training
Lead like an Elephant
Train the Trainer
Business Etiquette
Anger Management
Recruitment & Selection
Professional Business Writing
Corporate Kidz Business School 2019
Personal Branding for Professionals
Supervisory and Leadership Excellence
Construction Supervisor
Employment Equity
Commercial Astuteness for HR
Become much more than a great leader or coach: Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action
Death by Powerpoint
Train the Trainer
Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action
Healthy Living
Effective Discipline in the Workplace
Managing Workplace Diversity
Training Committee Development Conference 2019
Coaching Skills For Supervisors
BBBEE Session
Motivational Leadership Talk
Conflict Management
Developing your Management Potential I
Junior Leadership Workshop
Performance Management
Sales Success in the 21st Century
Developing your Management Potential II
People Management
Managing Absenteeism and Leave Abuse
Developing your Management Potential III
Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection of High-Performance Employees
Business writing skills
Collaboration as a Management Tool
Managing Absenteeism & Leave Abuse
Business Writing Skills
Event Management
Business Administration
Coaching Techniques for Managers
Courageous Conversations
Managing Projects with MS Projects
Delegating for Success
The Story of Ants: Developing Team Effectiveness
Etiquette, Professionalism and Style of Women
Business Presentation Skills
Professional Purchasing and Procurement Skills
Coaching and Mentoring
Customer Care for Delivery Staff
Business Proposal Writing
Policy and Procedure Development
Customer Care Training- 2 days
Chairing Effective Meetings
Basic Project Management
English Language Skills
Body language for effective communication and listening skills for effective meeting participation
Debt Collecting Workshop
Problem solving and decision making
Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making
Career Seminar
Scrum Master Certified (SMC™)
Visible Felt Leadership: Behaviour-Based Solutions
Business Management and Leadership
Delivering Effective Business Presentations
Customer Service Excellence
Managing Disciplinary Enquiries
Building High-Performance Teams
Business Ethics
Professional Business Writing
Time and Pressure Management